A Gathering of Art & Commerce Professionals.

Komyoon serves a curated community of professionals in the art & commerce industry. 

We are a technology driven, environmentally conscious service
to help content producers and creatives find commercial artists. 

Kreators are photographers, illustrators, directors, animators and CGI artists/studios.
We provide our Kreators an intuitive, affordable, and tangible marketing platform. 

Kurators are producers, creatives, advertising agencies and brands.
We provide our Kurators a simple, efficient, and effective resource platform.

What People Are Saying

Can't wait to get my hands on it!

What a cool concept!

I really appreciate the details which I think are
where your backgrounds add so much value.

This is revolutionary!

It's dope!

I can’t wait to get my creatives on Komyoon.

Can't wait until its full of artists!

The app is well designed and fun to use!

It feels quiet and like you are in a museum.

It’s a calming and reflective space.

My wife is going to be so mad at me for not thinking of this first!

The app looks like a total marvel!

A killer, simple, easy-to-use, beautifully-designed app that allows
you to search curated photographers, illustrators and animators.

I am so on board with this, it’s the app I’ve been waiting for.