Deepi Ahluwalia

Los Angeles, California, United States
Before picking up a camera professionally, I worked in advertising first as an account executive then as an art director. After moving to a tropical island (true story), I swapped the agency world for culinary school and fell in love with food. Not just how it looked and tasted, but the stories, people, and places behind it. I went on to work in professional kitchens before hanging up my apron and focusing on food photography and writing: my version of culinary storytelling. But I didn't stop there. The more I work in this field, the more potential I'm seeing to blur the lines of genres. Food may be the lens through which I see the world, but I also love to challenge how it can intersect the realms of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, and still life. I'm a creative professional, storyteller, visual artist, producer, and author. Bold ideas thrill me as do colour and print, drama and whimsy. I'm equally passionate about the potential of a strong, stand-alone image as I am about creating a captivating film. I love all facets of production and highly enjoy working closely with all departments—pre and post-production—to ensure the best possible outcome on set and through final deliverables. And I'm a firm believer of collaboration. I love working with creative teams and clients to maximize the potential of a concept, no matter its size. I work local in Chicago, Los Angeles, Montréal, New York, Toronto and create everywhere. Let's make some killer work together.
Artist Representative
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