Yechiel Orgel

New York, New York, United States
At Yechiel Orgel Photography, inanimate objects come to life in the presence of lighting, technique and angles. Where others may view a a pair of shades as just a product, Yechiel chooses to find its subliminal value through his work. Ever the self critic, he demands only the best when it comes to his deliverable talent, contributing his timeless imagery to a lifelong passion. He sees life even in the simplest of objects, expressing strong opinions about his insentient subjects. With a love of modern aesthetics, Yechiel connects to the many objects that make his acquaintance. Photography experts commend Yechiel for his attention to detail and ingenious product-background pairing, evident in the seamless works of art he produces. While Yechiel predominantly shoots at his Brooklyn studio, he often collaborates with trending stylists and goes to great lengths to perfect the lighting and background details, even for transient photo shoots and single products. With clients such as LG, Voss & Golden Blossom Yechiel appreciates the challenge and diversified product range to which he’s exposed. More so, he makes quick friends with the unique products that enter his studio. They enter, confined in a box; yet they leave, photographed superstars. In his own perspective: “Life is all around you. Family portraiture captures it via movement and interaction. Yet, still life photography possesses a unique form of artistry. One must be willing to experiment, perfect and have total conversations with a 4% alcohol flavored beer until the pixelated results make you taste the fizz on your tongue”. Still life photographer. Commercial photographer. Product whisperer.
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